Defining a Brand with Emma Finney

I was thrilled when Kristin Bunce, founder and lead designer of the gorgeous handbag line Emma Finney, called me to photograph her Spice Market Collection and work with her to define the brand through visual storytelling. As Kristin was under the gun to get the last bags produced and ready for her launch (she makes them all by hand!) we set up a studio in Kristin's beautiful home. Over the course of several days, we shot individual and group table top images of each bag, textures, details, and behind-the-scenes images of the designer at work, editorial images to show how the bags are meant to be worn, and even a portrait of the designer with her furry sidekick! Whew! Read Kristin's inspiring story and check out more of her fantastic designs at

Fun with The Rhodes Family

Richard is the father of the most lovey and talented young women you will ever meet. It was my privilege to gather everyone together in front of the camera to capture the beauty and vibrance of their family. There were lots of laughs, hugs, and even a few tears... and the results are as stunning as these women themselves. 

Member Profiles for Office Nomads

Jacob and Susan, the co-owning founders of Office Nomads, were pioneers in the Coworking movement. Established 9 years ago in Seattle's Capital Hill Neighborhood, Office Nomads prides itself in fostering a strong sense of community between independent professionals in a vast array of fields of practice. After sitting down brainstorm some great ways to engage with their social media followers, we came up with the idea of Member Profiles. Comprised of an interview combined with traditional and environmental portraits, Member Profiles tell the personal and professional stories of our Coworking members and are highly shareable across Office Nomads' and member's personal social media channels. A perfect way to share the Office Nomads motto: Individuality Without Isolation. This is an ongoing project which will be updated regularly over the next 6 months. 

Check out the Office Nomads blog here:


Behind the Scenes at World Pizza

My good friend Jorge works at this family-owned pizza shop in the International District of Seattle. After visiting him there several times and totally falling in love with their yummy and surprisingly hearty all-vegetarian pizzas, I totally fell in love with their family as well. The owners, Aaron and Wren, are kind and creative, and their two daughters can't be beat in terms of cuteness and quirk. I was thrilled to get the whole World Pizza family together one day to shoot some new images for their new menu, website, and social media content. 

You can check World Pizza out on FB: